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The Rainbowl is the first superfood café in Nuremberg.
We serve delicious açaí, smoothie and porridge bowls.
Packed with vitamins and superfoods from plants.
Hungry for a healthy waffle 🌈 add it to your bowl. Exclusiv by Rainbowl

Whether with maple syrup, fresh fruit or sugar-free nut nuts.
Not only every child loves a waffle.
Choose from wheat, spelled, chickpea, spelled protein with chocolate flavor and enjoy your healthy breakfast all day long.

hot porridge with cinnamon (vegan) or our weekly changing variety.
Enjoy the combination with nicecream, waffle or let your fantasy run wild.

Avocado, two types of hummus, pomegranate, tomatoes and high-quality spices on three slices of spelled, whole wheat or multigrain.
That makes our toast unique.

vegan raw energy balls. The perfect sugar-free snack whether with your coffee or as a power supplier in between. High quality foods such as nuts, dried fruit & superfoods

Freshly mixed vegetable smoothies made from fruits, vegetables, vitamins & superfood or protein for your muscles. 320 ml of pure pleasure quickly charge your body

Ketogenic bulletproof coffee with willow butter & MCT oil or a
vegan superfood latte made from turmeric, matcha, beetroot or activated carbon. We don’t just have good smoothie bowls

Ketogenic bulletproof coffee with willow butter & MCT oil or a
vegan superfood latte made from turmeric, matcha, beetroot or activated carbon. We don’t just have good smoothie bowls

The plants, the sun, life

The Hawaiian and Balinese philosophy teaches us how people can be energetic and lively in a simple and natural way every day – what grows there, take, appreciate and put on our plate. Eating can be our natural remedy. Our daily inspiration. Enjoy life in a relaxed manner and live healthier and happier every day.

Saving mother earth and animals is easy: simply eat at #Rainbowl.
Our main goal is to provide bowls that are good for you and our environment. We use clean, sustainable & plant-based ingredients🌱.

Our packaging is plastic-free♻️, because we love the sea

Nuremberg’s first superfood café

Since November 2018 in Nuremberg it has been “Make your day more colorful” with Rainbowl
Let plants and nature transform into modern dishes.
Eating is our remedy and our inspiration
Our smoothie bowls, waffles, porridge, avocado toast follow a simple rule: full of good things for your body and as pure as possible. Everything is fresh and handmade to give you the most authentic and versatile taste of herbal kitchen handles. Cheating on our taste buds is not our thing. Everything that looks good is also good inside. To strengthen our body, which today often lacks authentic energy sources.

Everything is freshly prepared for you with a lot of ❤️
So it may take some time

Nicecream – The healthiest ice cream in the world
Fresh waffles – made from spelled, chickpea, protein and much more
Warm porridge – changing varieties
Avocado toast – fresh sandwich
Blissball – Raw energy balls made from dried fruits and nuts
Bulletproof – the ketogenic coffee
Vegan protein shakes – from sprouted superfood seeds
Superfood Lattes – Turmeric, Matcha, Beetroot & Active Charcoal

Packaging made from corn starch, sugar cane, beets & birch wood

100% plastic free ♻️ | 100% biodegradable materials 🌱
or like to bring your own container and support the environment with us, there is also a larger portion

Smoothie Bowls

The Smoothie Bowl consists of a viscous smoothie that you don’t slurp out of a glass but spoon out of a bowl. This alternative is not only tasty and visually appealing, it also supplies the body with all important healthy nutrients such as protein, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, healthy fats ..

This delicious cream – NICECREAM is made from frozen fruits & vegetable milk in a high-performance mixer and is therefore the healthiest ice cream in the world – low-calorie, sugar-free, planted-based & vegan
refined with wheat-free cereals, fresh fruits and a lot of superfood, a better start to the day is hardly conceivable, but also in between as a snack or lunch combined with a waffle.


RainbowL - Superfood Café

Äußere Bayreuther Str. 25

90409 Nürnberg

Open Hours:

Mo    -      Fr       7.00am - 3.00pm
Sa                       9.00am - 3.00pm
Sun + holiday          closed

No reservation possible

Pre-order or take away

0911 - 36810867